Ragged Mountain Camp Seasonal Pictures

Winter at Camp
Moose are back across the Adirondacks
Woodshed rose
Stone garden with Outhouse toolshed
View of Blue Mountain Lake from the Adirondack Museum
Monarch Caterpillar feeding on Milkweed
Bambi eating crabapples
Monarch crysallis
Monarch ; feeding on Beebalm
More monarch forage: Beebalm and Black- Eyed Susan
Getting ready to drop
Solar accents
Welcome to the Shire!
Winter days are most dramatic
Proximity to the road is helpful in winter. Trees preserve privacy.
Snug as a bug…
Part of the ski trail that runs through the back of the property.
The Branch a beautiful public access trout stream just down the road runs from Elk Lake into Hoffman Notch Wilderness and joins the Schroon River
An animated board (not bored) meeting
Rassie amidst the Spring irises on Marcy Field
Lake Champlain has a healthy population of landlocked salmon. This one taken on the fly during the fall run on the Boquet River in Willsboro.
Macomb and the Dix Range glisten in the winter sun. Boreas in the foregoround
A mature Adirondack lawn produces a healthy summer crop of Wild Thyme.
Stone garden with a variety of planted perennials
Many kayakable lakes and ponds in close proximity. This is a beautiful deepwater glacial lake called Balfour.
Iconic Boreas Ponds in the Fall
Perfect place for amazing stargazing on clear nights
1920s renovation from a farmer’s log cabin to a more comfortable home with wrap around porch and fireplace. The porch beams are classic Adirondack style seen in very few remaining structures from the period.
Sunrise over Schroon Lake and the Pharoah Wilderness
The master bedroom overlooks the woods.
Apple harvest
It can be awrm in the sun during very bright winter days
Anybody home?
The only way you will likely ever see an Adirondack coywolf is on a game camera
Those apples sure smell good
OK…you shake the tree and I’ll do the cleaning up.